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Never ask “what’s for dinner?” again. Mucho makes it easy to prepare fresh, home-cooked meals, reduce food waste and save money.

We suggest recipes based on your preferences and arrange delivery of all the ingredients you’ll need – whether you’re cooking for one or feeding the whole family.

how it works

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Vegan? Don’t like chilli? We’ve got you covered.
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Thousands of delicious recipes from well-known cooks in the UK and around the world.
3. Select the recipes you want to cook that week
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Mexican feast for 6? Pasta for 1? No problem, we can handle that in one shop.
4. Food for the week shows up at your door
Red Bag Transparent THEE Shoulder THEE Totes Women Bags Bags Women BFBZ8qg Orders delivered by Ocado or Sainsbury’s.

Inspiration to action

Bring beautiful dishes to the table day after day is no easy task.
Mucho works with amazing cooks who writes beautiful recipes that are easy to cook at home.
From thousands of recipes in our database, Mucho recommend delicious recipes that are tailored to you and take care of the shopping.
So you can cook that good-looking dish at home with ease.

Reduce waste and save money

Chances are, more than a quarter of the food you buy ends up being thrown away.
Mucho keeps track of your food shopping and what ingredients you’ve bought.
The next time you shop with us, we recommend recipes that use the stuff you’ve already got at home, so you waste less (and spend less).

This is a new way of shopping

You can shop for as many recipes as you like in one basket.
No matter you are cooking for 3 people all the time or having dinner parties throughout the week, Mucho is designed to be flexible and take care real-life scenarios like this.
If you want to buy some stuff for breakfast in one go? No problem. The new Mucho App can do that too.

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